If you wish to use our fonts, you need to purchase a license, just like any other piece of computer software. By purchasing a license from us for a specific font, you are permitted to use that font under the terms and conditions found in our EULA. This is a legally binding contract between you and Awesombroso Fonts. For one user, you’ll need one license; if you plan to install the font on more than one device, you must adjust the number of users on the cart page. Licensing a font does not mean you own the font. The typeface designer or foundry is the owner. It’s just like how you do not own Adobe Photoshop – Adobe is the owner; you just license it from Adobe to use.
If you’re not a student or working for a non-profit organization, then chances are you need a Commercial License. Still, if you’d like to check with us, simply email us at font@awesombroso.com or tweet us.
Our Personal/Nonprofit License is designed for students, non-profit organizations, charities and hobbyists. A Personal/Nonprofit License enables the use our fonts for your personal, private or non-profit-gaining work only. It may not be used for any form of commercial or client work. This is anything considered to be connected to making gains or representing an Individual or Company, Brand or Organisation.
The Commercial License is the most popular license and is comparable to standard desktop licenses offered at other foundries. If you plan to use our fonts to represent yourself, someone else, a company or a brand, then this is the license for you. It allows you to use the font for client projects or self-initiated projects. These could be branding, logos, T-shirt designs, book designs, brochure designs, poster designs, album artwork and so on.
NOTE: A Commercial License does not grant the use of fonts in:
– Websites as a WebFont (JPG & PNG are OK)
– Mobile applications
– Video games
– E-books
– Software and other devices
– Feature-length movies/films
– Products that are essentially letterforms
– Template files for blogs, online stores or website themesIf you wish to use our fonts for any of the above purposes, you must email us – font@awesombroso.com
We trust that our customers respect us and our practice of typographic design. We believe our customers respect our vision of empowering the whole industry with affordable typefaces and will order the correct license. We also manually inspect all our orders daily and if we believe someone might be using the wrong license, we will contact them.
Yes, but you need to adjust the number of users on the cart page before you make the payment. There can only be one licensor who is responsible for the use of the font licensed, so make sure everyone using it had read and agreed to our EULA to avoid any troubles. We offer discounts for bulk users. Contact us.
Third parties must purchase their own license; never send anyone our font software. We suggest you convert all your live text to outlines when sending your documents to be printed, so each letter is an object.